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Best Technologies for a Smarter Interoperable Economy!

Built on Substrate, supported by the Web3 Foundation to build the best payment system for a more advanced integrated economy.

  • Forkless and Future-proof
  • Powered by Substrate
  • User-driven network governance
  • Multiple Built-in Algorithmic Stablecoins
  • Cashback & Discounts on SettPay
  • Self Sustaining Economic Model
  • Reliable Web3 Payment Gateway

Staking Liquidity

Be liquid as you stake, and yes! Serp as you stake. Release staked assets pairs (DNAR-SETT) as fungible & liquid assets (DNARS-SETTS), extracting the derivative value of staked assets to fuel the Economy without sacrificing network security. So, you provide stablecoin stability liquidity as you stake with staking liquidity.

Strategic Global Payment

For more familiar stable payment options, Setheum provides a number of fully-fledged Strategic Global Market fungible & liquid stablecoins (USD, EUR, SAR, NGN, GBP, SGD, JPY et al) algorithmically backed by the Dinar(Setheum Network's utility token)

SerpUps: Cashback on Transactions

Cashback and Discounts are given on all SettPay transaction including non-Setheum tokens, cross-chain and multi-currency transactions.

Governance by Ownership

A decentralized network governed entirely by the Setheum Dinar (DNAR) holders to achieve a fair and transparent future: a future based on more truth and less trust.

Sustainable Economic Model

The Dinar is the digital gold reserve asset, utility and NPoS staking token of the Setheum Network. The Setheum Currencies empower the Dinar whenever they go up in value and the Dinar stabilizes the prices of the SettCurrencies when they go down in value. Thereby Self Sustaining.

High Security Threshold

The Setheum Network is secured under Polkadot's shared security model, ensuring high resilience and cross-chain community integration.

SettinDEX Liquidity Incentives

Setheum's built-in Decentralized Exchange (Sett-in-DEX) has a separate utility and governance token issued as liquidity incentives to be distributed to LPS.

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Initial SettCurrency Offering (ISCO)

As in the case of the first ever ISCO, SettPay and the SettCurrencies/stablecoins will be launched after Setheum Network Substrate Chain Genesis, when the initial 129,000,000 DNAR is already in the market and will be locked in the ISCO to receive SettCurrencies (Setheum Stablecoins).



A fully-fledged Web3 Wallet and Setheum Client App built on the Setheum.JS and Polkadot.JS stack. This is where you receive SerpUp/inflation as cashback rewards ON TRANSACTIONS made with SettPay.


Making Cryptourrency transition much easier with the SettCard. The Settcard will provide settpay benefits and cashback rewards for debit card users on the go, bridging it all for you. Pay anywhere at anytime With SettPay's SettCard!



Setheum's built-in Decentralized Exchange (Sett-in-DEX) is a fully fledged Decentralized exchange with features from Liquidity Pools to other halal derivatives. With separate governance council and token, LPs will govern the SettinDex and receive frequent serping trades.


Accessing Setheum and Neom with specialized polkadot.js endpoint built and fine tuned for the Setheum Ecosystem - setheum.js

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